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'I love the aftersun cooling gel'

"As a mum with small children, the TropiCare roll-on sunscreen really works for me. It fits easily into my handbag and doesn't leak, its easy to apply (the kids like to do it themselves!) and really effective. I love spending time outdoors in summer with my family, and for that reason I love the after sun cooling gel. It's really soothing - great for when I've missed a spot with sunscreen or just after a long day outside."

Dr Simone Maher

'Didn't complain of hurting eyes'

"I am a mother of three young children currently living in Singapore. I purchased TropiCare sunscreen in January 2011 while on holidays in Australia. I thought I would share my experience in using the product and express my hope that it will be made available in Singapore soon.

I initially purchased the roll-on sunscreen from a local pharmacy on the way to the beach in Sydney. The pharmacy had run out of the brand I usually buy so I decided to try 'TropiCare' I liked the colourful packaging. At the beach I applied the sunscreen to my kids (8yrs,7yrs and 4yrs) and they took off in to the water. I was quite surprised that they didn't complain of hurting eyes, usually one of them comes back, grumbling that the sunscreen is stinging - a problem I experience with a lot of sunscreens. After three hours in the water and sun, none of them were burnt - not even a tinge of red.

Impressed with the results over sumer I stocked up on the sunscreen before heading back to Singapore. We are constantly in the sun here and travel a lot to Asia to dive and snokel. I have tried many different European and American brands but none of them perform as well as the Australian ones. Because I had never heard of TropiCare before, I researched the ingredients. I was pleased to discover that the active ingrediants used in TropiCare are not only the most effective but don't hurt our coral reefs, as some others do. Having worked with an international environmental organization for many years and seen the destruction caused by pollutants on Marine life. I am careful to use products that "really are" environmentally friendly.

You have a wonderful product, one which I hope will be made available in Asia. I have been telling my friends to pick up some when back in Australia."

Rebecca Bryant

'The whole trip without any sunburn'

"I recently had a holiday in Bali, due to my fair skin I always make sure I take plenty of sunscreen. This trip I used your TropiCare 30+ water resistant sunscreen as it was recommended to me by a business associate. I was outdoors and swimming in the hotel pool and ocean every day, we also did mountain biking, and white water rafting. I found that one good application in the morning saw me set for the day, it was easy to apply, didn't leave me feeling greasy afterwards and best of all I managed to go the whole trip without any sunburn.

Thank you, it's a great product."

David Brown
New Zealand

'I live at the back of a mosquito infested river'

"I'm an elderly lady that accidentally used your sunscreen as insect repellent, and it works!!

I live at the back of a mosquito infested river in SA and now regularly use your sunscreen as a really good mossy and sand fly repellent. I've told all my friends, and we are so excited as any bites disappear almost immediately. I haven't tried your actual Insect Repellent, but I've heard it's great too!"

Jenny Noble
Barmera, South Australia

'Your products don't have that oily feel to them'

"Hi, just a quick note to say how much my family and I love your products. My 8 year old daughter is very picky on the type of sunscreen I use on her, but by far your products don't have that oily feel to them, and are very easy to apply on the skin. I have just started using your after sun gel recently and must say I was very impressed with how quickly it takes the sting away from the skin after I had been at the football all day."

David Young
Mortdale, Sydney

'We just love the Tropicare range'

We live in the harsh northwest of Western Australia. The Pilbara has incredibly high temperatures, with equally high humidity in summer and lower humidity winters. We have two little ones who love to splash around at the local marina and beaches. Summer or winter, sunburn and insect bites are a concern for the whole family. We just love the Tropicare range. The snappy pouch of products is easy to tuck away in the baby bag or beach pack. It is an essential item everytime we head out for a day by the water.

Tekohi & Desiree Rivera (with Naj & Tui aged 3 years and 12 months)
Karratha, Western Australia

'Majority of our day is working outdoors'

"We are stone masons and spend nearly all our time working outdoors. I've been using the TropiCare brand of sunscreen for some time now because one - it works and two - it doesn't cause us problems when we sweat. Many sunscreens claim a lot but this one actually delivers. I will continue to buy this sunscreen for my team and I. Nice one TropiCare."

Steven Rossini
Rossini Stone
Cronulla Australia

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